“There is sufficiency in the world for man’s needs,
but not for man:’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi 


written & edited
by Kendall F. Person

In 1804, the nation of Haiti on the island of Hispaniola, should have been welcomed by the free world, embraced for their strength and courage and celebrated for their hard fought victory, when they revolted against the French, defeating their imperialist rulers and gaining their independence. The world’s first Black Republic to do so, the new Haiti was born of former slaves  –  a free people of west Africa, before that, however. But the United States was still a bastion of bondage and servitude, where slavery was seen as an institution Sixty-one years would pass, before its recognition as a  national disgrace, crime against humanity and  an affront to our Higher Power. A nation of slaves  was unthinkable, so they would not recognize its right to exist, humiliated after their unsuccessful attempts in aiding the French. The world followed suit and pretended a nation of millions of people, did not exist. So Haiti would grow up all alone, closed off from a progressive and changing world, marooned on half an island, victimized by their own success.

In 1986, the Haitian people, poorest in the western hemisphere and of the poorest in the world would once again revolt, but this time there would be no celebration avoided, because there was literally nothing left. Jean-Claude Duvalier known as Baby Doc and his wife Michelle, would be ousted by the people and chased out of their native land. And after it was revealed why the dictator had been overthrown and then sentenced to exile,  he  and his wife would become a world wide symbol of the effects of greed’s seduction.


Leona hemsley

Already of considerable wealth,  by any standards across the world, but in a nation still tormented by The 1804 Decision  and rocked by natural disasters and national epidemics, the Leaders were living the life of kings. But Baby Doc’s philosophy on greed – branded and quoted by the empire of Trump – would raise the stakes too high, and the house of cards wold fall.

They robbed their own nation he was entrusted to rule, siphoning off funds from government agencies,  using the money for their own decadent displays, while their country unraveled and its people starved. But the people would soon notice and  took back their government from a narcissistic leader. But the problem with chasing greed is that it can never be caught, so a different game emerges called the law of subtraction. Baby Doc had planned for this day, as he took the money belonging to Haiti and hid it in French banks, adding insult to a long line of injuries inflicted upon a historic republic. Perhaps their trials and tribulations,  I like to think, gave them the strength they would need years, when the earth would shift, directly below them

“That makes me smart.” – response by Donald Trump in 2016 Presidential debate to the Democratic Nominee for President Hillary Clinton’s statement, that in some years he paid no taxes.


In the mid 1990s, I worked as an Insurance Claims Field Adjuster in the state of Washington for a Minnesota based mid-sized company. Federated Insurance cracked the gold standard in its philosophy of bringing in new employees as family, and employer/employee respect was unrivaled. Based in Seattle, my territory took me as far east as Boise Idaho. One day as I drove down a completely vacant stretch of highway,no homes, no cows, seemingly no commerce or life of any type, an epiphany took flight: I drove on a well maintained paved road in the middle of nowhere, but delivered  me to my destination, wherever it would be, safely and with speed.That was the moment  I understood the meaning behind taxes and sharing responsibility in a connected community or nation. In 1998,  I took a beautiful drive across Jamaica, and enjoyed a laugh of confirmation,  when the paved road I was driving on, simply ran out.

Andy Stanley quoteThe levying of taxes at times overwhelms, becoming burdensome and an uninspired medium, a lazy solution of solving everything. But it is also how we pay for the demands we make of better schools, tighter security and paved roads. With exceptions made perhaps to hermits absolute, living on land they own, with water from a natural well they dug, and producing no pollutant footprints or waste indisposed, paying taxes is a Patriotic duty of all Americans, a  responsibility  when long or short term visitors earn or make money here, an absolute assumption of  Donald Trump the  Presidential candidate, whose life  – justly so – would be paid for by the benefits of taxation. And even with loopholes to shield his gold, a billionaire who believes, that one can never be too greedy,  should be honored to pay his fair share of taxes, a show of solidarity with his to-the-bone  fans, if nothing else.

Baby Doc had legacy in his favor. His intentions to turn the country around, mistreated by the former ruler – his father, were noble and the strides he was making were noticeable, delivering a cruel false sense of hope to a nation where hope  sometimes abandon, for under his leadership, success never stood a chance, not even for him. The philosophy of greed, the belief that one can never be too greedy, means having everything  can never be enough and at some point, the games changes without warning, from  accumulate to the crushing law of subtraction and it becomes them against everyone.

When Donald Trump  said “That makes me smart.” he sounded bored, lethargic. Outwitting the government with their own loopholes down to paying zero taxes on an empire worth billions and longing for a housing collapse where many would lose their homes, allowing him to accumulate more; and the lightning speed takeover  of the Grand Ole Party – on live tv –  using a system that required a non bending army to commit to concocted stories of the moment, and stand firm on blatant lies, and starting fires in the societal psyche where non existed the day before, demographic by demographic, collateral damage for sure  —  could all have been riches in the never ending pursuit of greed at the highest level.  Or  did the game alter, 15 months ago and the laws of subtraction is where the ‘campaign’ started?

the donald showPerhaps The Donald has already surged passed the point of Baby Doc’s fall, and the American people will accept a lesson learned from the Haitian people, returning some dignity to a nation we once tried to destroy –  for fighting for their freedom, an emotion where we staked claim to the high road, unfazed by history’s hypocrisy. Or is the finale still to come, served up on election night after a perceived loss: revealed as the ultimate gotcha moment: that Trump  was running  as President of Birther Nation only, all along.

If  The Donald Show sticks to script, and closes down on election night recorded by  loss, it gives history a chance to select its own narrative, including  the byline of:One of the Greatest One Man Performances  delivered by any Artist on Center Stage. And it presents an uncluttered celebration of the first woman President in American history. But should  the electoral college and half of American Voters: later described as  either converters to Trump as a Religion or forever theorist of the smoke and mirrors campaign as real or victims of what will one day be described as a disorder: I do not give a damn to understand why I was devoured, by a  I-don’t-remember-why-I-hate-her-but-I-do  emotion – and he wins, then shame on us not him. The Donald has been the same person since age 5,  per interviews and discussions, so no mystery whatsoever of who he will be the day after elections. But one question will rise, and give reason for pause, was Baby Doc a precursor to the future of American History history, as a way to even the score since no apology was given in 1804?

But it should not come to that as no stranger thing has ever happened.

– Kendall F. Person is the creator of The Neighborhood  at and thepublicblogger FB Page



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