Madam Chair

The Neighborhood’s Improbable 6th Season, Installs Madam Chair or Blows in Hurricane Lisa?

“If it’s the right chair,
it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.”
– Robert DeNiro


with Diamonds


The Neighborhood’s Improbable 6th Season,
Installs Madam Chair or Blows in Hurricane Lisa?

created by Kendall F. Person

kirby Workes
the legend of the first chair, Kirby Workes, Sarcoxie MO

Kirby Workes may not be a familiar face now, but he is legend and that legacy cements his status as the most influential alumni, rivaled only by Ahmad Al Charif. First Chair meant he built the platform, on a live show, in a medium noted as first of its kind in history. And his templant proved a winning format as successors make few if any changes.

Mello and oh so nice, but fiercely loyal as Nigerian artist Okpere, would find out. After ousting 9 Americans to a runner up finish in The Lives We Live (1st ever social/media blog based Reality Show) saw his popularity soar, (Lagos became only 2nd non-American city, to hit NO. 1) But the headlines he so believed in, led to his undoing. With misguided confidence he forced a standoff against Person, the writer of all his press clippings, and the producer and creator of show.

Chair Kirby Workes tried to intervene, but Okpere stood his ground, knowing Person would seek compromise. but was blind-sided by the Chair. Kirby showed no emotion, but could not allow such an unforgivable disrespect, Without a committee vote or discussion of any kind, under the spotlight of thousands of #StarAddicts, Chair Kirby consolidated power: DQ’d Okpere in round vii from the wildly popular A Star is Born, then used nuclear option he created, to expel Okpere from The Neighborhood. Still Ranks no 2 in The Most Shocking Moments (Rebecca Lemke’s ouster of Ned Hickson lives on a cloud all its own ranks No. 1)


Kendrick Merk Nichelson
Kendrick Merk Nichelson, Chair No. 2 Sacramento, Ca

Chair Merkelson treated his brief rule like a live action game of chess. No standoffs under his reign, as he allowed not even the slightest dissent.


Fran Daddy’s rise was most meaningful, as he was Person’s most trusted confidant, rivaled only by Keyur Panchal. But Fran’s reign – where others blew out smoke – he faced fires and infernos. The high profile expulsion of R Webster, he handled with such dignity, fairness and poise, that Nyfis Walters aka Fran Daddy immediately enjoyed full confidence of the vaulted Inner Circle.

And if planned by design, simultaneously, after 5 seasons, hundreds of shows, breathtaking performances and hit with shrapnel from every  diva stereotype of artists, behind the scenes Person was in freefall, Only IvySoul was aware, that in 2 months Person would officially pass the baton to Fran. But it never come to pass When The Neighborhood crashed in full public view, and Person privately collapsed within his beloved Inner Circle, Chair Fran froze or had enough, as he walked away, leaving a masterpiece in ruins.

But with few or any exceptions, of the 200 artists that passed through, no one – in content, diversity of work nor love, has contributed more than Fran, Still untouchable, but not Chair.

Fran Daddy
Fran Daddy, Philadelphia PA Founding Member and final chair of Book i

Wa’Derrious Sellors, Jamal Miller, Charisse Muhammad, Rebecca Lemke, Guy White, Robert Goldstein and Lisa Troedson, would never leave. In stoic ownership and a loyalty Trump would covet, put it all back together, truly believing  Person earned his temporary NUTS but The Neighborhood deserved a proper ending to a story four years in the making.

“Lisa Troedson of Modesto California, only 2 hours to rule, but enjoy the moment. As you have just been made the first woman to be named… Chair of The Neighborhood. Congratulations Madam Chair. And thank you.” – The End of the Story, Dec 30, 2016


April 7, 2017
The Neighborhood’s Improbable 6th Season,
Installs Madam Chair or Blows in Hurricane Lisa?

Lisa Troedson
Lisa Troedson, Modesto CA, 1st Woman Chair of The Neighborhood

History passed: the present belongs to Madam Chair Lisa and all the incredible women that help build a neighborhood from scratch. Emotional, neurotic, rat a tat tat cadence when mad leaving few bystanders unscratched  – the Ban Rant Meltdown, for instance. But Lisa Troedson’s love and respect for The Neighborhood, is rock solid, combined with mutual loyalty of Person, and high octane energy, one long timer has hinted, Lisa Troedson could guide The Neighborhood to next dimension. But even as Person backs at 100% the unanimous 9-member committee pick, odds set at even money… she runs the place into the ground.

The Neighborhood’s Season VI ‘CHEERS’ begins April 7th,
in conjunction with World Health Day DEPRESSION



6 thoughts on “The Neighborhood’s Improbable 6th Season, Installs Madam Chair or Blows in Hurricane Lisa?

    1. The Neighborhood plays out across two stages: The Neighborhood at and The Neighborhood at It is on Facebook where the community of artists stages its collaborations and publicly governs itself, giving the illusion (of reality) of a The Neighborhood that has come to be… all over the world. You just read the history the Chair – responsible for assuring all the artists and activist that flash across the underground’s biggest stage, are respectful, original and spreading our collective message of peace. It has not always worked, but as you are yourself a ‘Neighbor’, that takes part from the other side of the stage. Now you will notice that the guests artists are not really guests, but recurring characters in The Story of Us.

      1. Thank you. I knew you shared blogs from others but didn’t realize it was a group venture. Is that also why there was a lull for awhile… as you reorganized, so to speak?

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