“Great thinkers such as Mr. Person, may very well become the next great philosophers of our time, quoted and referred to by later generations.”
– C.J. Leger (read full Review)


“This is not only a honor to me, not only a very proud moment, but again a kind of evidence, that you must never turn away from your fellow people, the human kind.”
– Hungarian Photographer Gabor Dvornik


I would say this is an epic poem/essay/news
report/potential lyric/history lesson/story/confessional
– Nourished by Everything Under the Sun


.The Neighborhood shows us
that social media is a tool that we
can use to heal a broken world.
– Robert Goldstein, TAG an Anthology


“We met, talked and created something, and this would have never happened if it’s wasn’t for Kendall Person and The Neighborhood.” – Guy White, Animator




The Social Media Network Show
An Interview with  Kendall F. Person





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