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Mental Health Week 2017 Information

The Neighborhood’s 2nd Annual
April 23 – 28

INFORMATION PAGE – Updated 4/22/2017 9:44pm PST

Links to posts, videos and other relevant info & materials leading up to TNMHW inclusive of April 7 World Health Day spotlight on ‘Depression’.

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from Sacramento
Hustle Rhythm Soul featuring H-Y Loco

with I Gotchu
(the 2017 event theme song)

Nuts to the Stigma, not to the Illness.

H-Y Loco I Gotchu


2016 Mental Health Week

‘You Are Not Alone’


2017 Post Links
Nadine Jordan’s What Will I Do?
Lisa Troedson’s Comfortably Numb

Crystal Fairrington
with The Plight of the Powerless Consciousness


A Moment of Silence
and The Remembrance


Spotlight on Young Black Men & Law Enforcement Community



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Online Bumper Sticker



DAY ONE Agenda
Sunday April 23rd

Mental health Week Day One

Early Bird Activities (eba)
Begins April 17

Early bird Activity




Social Media Handouts

5 Mental Disorders

Gray Not the color of bipolar

Blue color of depression

the color red

Nuts Mental Health Week 2017

Mental Health Week

Mental Illness Catchable?



We Gotchu – TH Mental Health Week 2017

NUTS… are we making ourselves


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Above the Clouds Through Cheers


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Is Mental Illness Catchable?


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